St. Patrick’s Day Pom Pom Decorations

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The seasons are changing and I am finding that time here in the Pacific Northwest that I am still hopeful to see some snowflakes, yet squealing in delight as I see spring bulbs starting to burst through the soggy dirt.

The red, pink and white from Valentine’s day are packed away and now the spring green and glittery gold colors are starting to pop up around the house.

Years ago, a neighbor cleaned out their bin of crafts and gave my girls some unused crafting goodies.  In there was some cute colorful pom poms.  I have this window by front door that is small enough to look out, yet big enough to let light in and show off all the little finger and nose prints on the window.

I actually don’t even recall how and when I came across the fishing wire on my husbands work bench. ¬†I don’t recall him fishing. And we don’t talk too much about that time he came back from fishing with a fish hook in his cheek. ¬†Anyway, as I was trying to find the best way to string¬†these pom poms together, the fishing wire find was a light bulb! ¬†It’s clear, flexible and makes a great hidden string.

A trip to Hobby Lobby got me the cute gold glittery pom poms!

Craft items needed for Pom Pom Decorations

  • Craft pom poms
  • Fishing wire
  • Needle
  • Hanging tools such as Command Hooks
  • Old magazines (to store your pom pom strand, trust me on this!)
  • Clear packing tape

craft pom pom diy

pom pom craft diy

pom pom crafts

I don’t do much sewing, or much mending for that matter. ¬†But I keep this little tote and push pin and needle holder handy.

pom pom craft diy

Thread your needle and tie a double knot in the other end of your string so your first pom pom won’t slide right off the end!

Now start to string your first pom pom!  My daughter helped me select each pom pom.  She had fun figuring out a pattern to match when we did two strings side by side.

pom pom craft diy

pom pom craft diy

pom pom craft diy

Now, take it from my experience that when you want to take this down and store for next year you can do this the hard way or take a few extra minutes and prepare something so it is a dream to unpack in next year and not a nightmare.

So my lesson learned was that you can’t just carefully lay this in your tote and happily pull it out next year. ¬†It will inevitably tangle up into a knotted mess that will probably make you add a few quarters to your swear jar and throwing the whole thing away.

I have a great way for you to store it that makes it so much easier. ¬†Grab an old magazine and roll it. ¬†Then secure it on both ends with packing tape, masking tape, what ever you have handy. ¬†But make sure it’s not just Scotch tape as it is not strong enough.

garland storage hack

garland storage hack

Then secure one end of the clear wire over over the taped part of your magazine roll.  Now carefully start to wrap it around the magazine.

garland storage hack

My only other tip I have about this is do ONE magazine for ONE garland strand.  Again, speaking from experience here!  The clear, thin wire still manages to get tangled up in each other and becomes a mess.  Just make it easy on your future self and store them separately!

This is fun to do with all the different season or even birthdays with the birthday boy or girls favorite colors.

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Hi! I'm Angie and I love creating! Whether it's simple and healthier(ish) meals for your family or something to make life more fun, I want to share it with you.

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